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We are the leading international innovation consulting group based in Israel taking advantage of the local ecosystem to support Universities, corporates, governmental decision makers and nonprofit organizations worldwide.

We bring disruptive innovation to areas that are not innovative yet.

Through our experience with our internal model (the GAP), Otwoi generates high impact solutions and connectivity with the continuously developing entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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Changing the rules of the game and changing the players requires the reconsideration of all that we wish to organize together as a society. We live in a society that functions as an economy based on concepts from the past and an economy with serious side effects that we would like to eliminate but cannot do without. So, perhaps in the end, the real challenge lies in how to combine the conventional top-down method of organizing with this growing lateral countermovement.

The development of IoT and Online payment on one hand and the financial crisis with world population growth on the other have created a new economy, which some are now calling the modern economy, the collaborative economy, the sharing economy and finally, the self production economy.

Strategic Innovation

We believe that the Triple Helix model, or as we like to call it the GAP model, includes the most important innovation and entrepreneurial components. Using the GAP attitude we work with our partners on implementing step by step new organisational methods for business practices, workplace organisation and external relations. We help to improve deal flow management, management strategy, mergers, acquisitions and more.

Open Innovation

The idea behind Open Innovation is to include the ability to combine internal and external ideas as well as internal and external paths to market and advance the development of new technologies. Chesbrough, who coined the term “Open Innovation” describes how companies have shifted from so-called closed innovation processes towards a more open way of innovating.

Internal Innovation

Design and develop the managing system of innovation to provide new solutions, business models and new opportunities. Design the process and portfolio of innovation, we measure and control the process of intensity of innovation and supports the cultural transformation of your company to a provide innovation culture.

Innovative Projects

Otwoi builds innovative projects for companies looking to take advantage of the technological advancements of today. We specialize in mentorship programs for entrepreneurs, innovative educational activities for executives, and unique tech events and roadshows for leading companies. We work closely with each of our clients in order to build tailor made plans to suit their needs. As specialists of innovation we identify and leverage technologies and new paradigms of thinking to offer the most significant opportunities for growth and success.

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